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iPlasmaCMS2 v8.5 Release Notes
iPlasmaCMS2 v8.5 Release Notes
02/04/2020: Updates include New Features, UI/UX Improvements, and Bug Fixes

The Insercorp Development Team has released an update which includes several new features, user interface and user experience improvements, and resolves several known issues.

This version includes new features in the CMS Settings including API management, AMP page layout tools, new Open Graph Protocol (OG) tags, and Website Layout tools for managing multiple templates.

Version 8.5 includes user interface / user experience (UI/UX) improvements including updates to the CMS Dashboard, Settings, and the Form Manager as well as Security improvements and several bug fixes for known issues.

We appreciate all of the Website Administrators who report issues and suggestions for improvement to make our product better!

iPlasmaCMS2 version 8.5

New Features

  • CMS Settings

    • Open Graph Protocols: Added default OG Tag fields to the Open Graph Protocols section

    • APIs: Admins now have access to the APIs tab in the website settings

    • AMP Settings: The following AMP Page settings have been added to improve customization options within the AMP Pages
      • This will give the admin the ability to manage the API Keys for various components within their CMS

      • Page Background Color
      • Menu Background Color
      • Menu Icon/Link color
      • Menu Item Hover background color
      • Logo Image
      • Styles for the Content of the AMP Pages
      • AMP Page Heading Styles

    • Social Sharing: Added Instagram

    • Layout: Admins can now access the Layout tab, allowing them to swap between themes or to update the header and footer of their websites.

  • Form Manager

    • Add Additional Form Subjects: Added “Add New Subject” button to allow Website Administrators to add additional subjects to forms.

    • Add/Edit Form Recipients: Updated the recipients to be more intuitive for adding and modifying recipients for the form.

Now you can add and manage multiple form recipients.

  • Pages > Add/Edit Pages

    • Theme Selection: Added a new dropdown for users to be able to select a new theme for specific pages when there has been one created

    • SEO Meta Data: Additional MetaData tags have been added to further improve Search Engine Optimization while allowing Website Administrators to customize what data is displayed when the page is shared to social media platforms.

      • OG Title - Used by Social Media to determine the title of the page when shared

      • OG Description - Description of the page pulled into Social Media.

      • Twitter Site - Links a content page to a specific twitter page like for the business or organization when shared to social media

      • Twitter Creator - Links the content page to the author’s twitter account when the page is shared.

UI/UX Updates

  • CMS Dashboard: Improved notifications to make them stand out more, while also making them more uniform in size and style

  • Website Settings: The User Interface has been updated to be more user-friendly.

  • CMS License now uses colored labels to warn Website Administrators when subscriptions need to be renewed or when they have expired.

  • APIs: The interface has been updated so that each section of the APIs tab is now contained within individual modals rather than all fields being visible when the tab loads.  APIs are now grouped by vendor.

Security Improvements

  • Added CSRF Protection to Login Form for Password Protected Pages to prevent cross-site request forgery attacks.

  • Added limit on login attempts to Login Form for Password Protected Pages to prevent password guessing attacks.

Bug Fixes

  • Settings > Shortcut Links: Previously when shortcut links were appended with variables often automatically added when sharing from a social media platform, the shortcut link redirected to the /error page instead of the correct URL. This has been fixed so that the website now properly filters out the appended variables when determining where the shortcut link should redirect to.

  • Pages: 

    • Previously there was a bug in the Add/Edit Page form where the sitemap toggle would not toggle properly. This has been fixed so now the toggle cycles properly.

    • Previously there was a bug when adding a new page Website Administrators could not select a Private User Group. This has been fixed so now the private group dropdown will open when adding a content page.

  • PlasmaDrive: 

    • Previously in the PlasmaDrive not all top level categories were displaying when a user went to Add or Edit a Category. This has been resolved so that all top level categories are now properly showing.

    • Previously there was a bug in the Add/Edit category modal in the PlasmaDrive where the categories would not be properly assigned to their parents and would no longer show in the module. This has been resolved so that the modal works as intended.

  • Image Crop Tool: Previously there was a Bug when uploading a transparent PNG for the OG Image field via the image crop tool where the transparency was being filled with Black. This has been resolved so that PNG’s will now properly maintain their transparency. 

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