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Inventory Module 1.1 Hotfix Notes
Inventory Module 1.1 Hotfix Notes
07/08/2019: Fixed issue with Checkout Page, Improved Security for PCI Compliance

The Insercorp Development Team has released a hotfix which corrects an issue that was causing the Checkout page to be used when nothing was added to the Shopping Cart in addition to a Security hotfix in the Module's Administrative Interface.

The issue in the Checkout page did not cause any breach of customer data.  The hotfix patches a potential exploit that could result in temporarily crashing the database, causing temporary outages for Websites using iPlasmaCMS2's native E-Commerce suite.

Inventory Module 1.1

Bug Fixes

  • Previously there was an issue allowing the Checkout feature to be accessed and used when there were no Items added to the Shopping Cart.  This vulnerability has been patched to prevent exploits that could lead to a database crash and temporary Website downtime.

Security Update

  • Some functions in the Inventory Module's Administrative Interface were failing PCI Compliance due to deprecated dependencies on an older version of PHP.  This patch replaces deprecated functions to allow the Inventory Module to run on a Stable and supported version of PHP, allowing the Inventory Module to remain PCI Compliant.  

  • iPlasmaCMS2 E-Commerce customers who rely on PCI Compliance scans should no longer see scans failing.
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