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Departments 2.3 Update
Departments 2.3 Update
03/03/2015 - Web Administrators, Department Moderators, Department Users

Departments 2.3 Update 

Modification made simple!
Start seeing your departments page in an organized, new way with each department listed with a brief summary, new easy-to-manage department headers, and so much more!



  • We have given the administrator the ability to have multiple categories rather than just departments or officials increasing the utility of the module.

  • We have updated the module to allow for multiple groups of web admin’s to be assigned to each department rather than just a single web admin.

  • We have added the a Departments landing page and category page that will allow users to view all departments with a brief description that can be edited through the cms.

  • We have added the image manager to make updating and maintaining the department headers easier.

  • We have added the ability to have unpublished department subpages like the normal content pages.

  • Website Administrator’s can now hide/show blocks so that they don’t have to delete the content.

  • We updated the revisions in the department to allow previewing them in a similar format to how the revision will display on the front end, as well as to allow for simpler modifications.

  • We have added the moderator feature which is like a restricted website administrator who can only make/approve changes within the departments that they are assigned to.
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