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WYSIWYG Editor Update
WYSIWYG Editor Update
03/17/2017: Added Link Classes to the WYSIWYG Insert/Edit Link popup

The Insercorp Development Team has released an update to the WYSIWYG Editor allowing users the ability to easily and conveniently insert links within content.


This update includes the addition of the “link-” and “button-” classes as well as the removal of all older, unnecessary classes (such as the “col-” class). You will now see the following available options (pictured below):

Class Options

Once the desired class has been selected and all necessary information has been filled out in the appropriate fields, click the green “Insert” button.

You will notice that selecting a class will change the appearance of your link. Here are some examples:



Let’s say you want to create a link (on one of your content pages, news articles, events, etc.) to a PDF Document that you have already uploaded to your PlasmaDrive.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Type the name/description of the PDF you plan to link to. You could also type something like “Click here for (document name)”
  2. Highlight the text you wish to convert to a PDF link
  3. Click on the chain link icon (on the top row, towards the right)
  4. Click the “PlasmaDrive” tab and find and select the PDF you desire
  5. Make sure the “Target” field says “Open in New Window (_blank)”
  6. Select the “link-document-pdf” Class
  7. Click the green “Insert” button
  8. Click save & test to make sure your link works!

Need Help?

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