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Slideshow Module 4.2.6 Patch Notes
Slideshow Module 4.2.6 Patch Notes
05/13/2020: Includes fixes and improvements to Video Slides and Responsive Scaling

The Insercorp Development Team has released an update to the Slideshow Module which fixes issues which resulted from the Slideshow Module 4.2.5 update including a problem with Video Slides not playing before cycling out on Websites' Slideshows and fixes an issue with Video Slide Thumbnails not showing in the Slideshow Module's Edit Slides interface.  This patch also fixes conflicts with scaling of foreground and background slides.

Slideshow Module version 4.2.6

Bug Fixes

  • Following the Slideshow Module 4.2.5 update there was an issue with Video Slides automatically cycling to the next slide while the Video was still playing. This has been fixed so that the Slideshow remains paused until the end of the Video.

  • A previous update resulted in a scripting error which caused Video Slides not to display at random; this has been fixed to allow Video Slides to appear consistently when the Slideshow is loaded.

  • A previous update caused an issue preventing thumbnails for Video Slides from loading in the Edit Slides interface in the Slideshow Module;  this has been fixed so that Video Slide thumbnails are now properly displaying.

User Experience Improvements

  • Previously there was an issue where the background slides and foreground slides would end up out of sync with each other when scaling the site between different screen sizes. This has been resolved so that the background and foreground slides remain in sync during responsive scaling.

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