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The slideshow allows you to display multiple images in a rotation that can link to different parts of the website to direct traffic or bring attention to specials or promotions. 

Slideshows can be added to pages or modules as plugins throughout the website.  The slideshow is most commonly found on the homepage of websites.  Slideshows can be customized to fit with your website design.

Screenshot of Slide Item Edit Screen in iPlasmaCMS2 Slideshow Module Screenshot of Slideshow Module Dashboard


  • Add and manage unlimited slideshow items.
  • Works on all types of devices (no Flash required)!
  • Easily link your slides to other pages, files, or even external websites.
  • Create and manage slideshow images through the PlasmaBrowser.
  • Upload pictures, resize and crop them, and insert them into your slideshow.
  • Choose from dozens of different transition styles.
  • Set the transition speed and pause time between slides.
  • Sort your slides and limit how many can show up at once.
  • Compatible with common jQuery plugins.