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Completed: February 08, 2018 Project Details

Railey & Railey, P.C. reached out to Insercorp for the design and development of their website, Railey& The new website has a fully responsive design that adjusts to any device, including smartphones, tablets, and laptop/desktop computers. Railey& is developed with Insercorp’s proprietary content management system, iPlasmaCMS2, which allows for even the most non-technical website administrator to easily make changes or updates to a website. Through iPlasmaCMS2, the website also features a news module and a customer review module. The news module is utilized to inform website visitors about legal updates. The customer review module helps keep website visitors updated on case verdicts and settlements while also allowing website visitors to submit comments and give one to five star ratings on the services they have received from Railey & Railey.

  • iPlasmaCMS Content Management System
  • Slideshow Module
  • News Module
  • Customer Review Module