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Completed: July 13, 2018 Project Details

Bell Isle Marina in Hampton, Virginia reached out to Insercorp for the design and development of their website, Bell Isle wanted an engaging and inviting website to showcase the marina’s breathtaking scenery and to display the different services that they provide. Insercorp reeled out a website with a nautical and interactive layout that embodies the feel of the beaches, fishing, and sailing that the location is known and loved for with various pages that allow users to explore the different qualities of Bell Isle.

Website visitors can browse through the different amenities that the Marina provides, the prices of individual services, view the different attractions in the local area, book events online, and read through Bell Isle Marina’s new blog, The Crow’s Nest. also features a photo gallery displaying all of the candid shots from the Marina and the events held there.

  • iPlasmaCMS2 - Content Management System
  • Slideshow Module
  • Blog Module
  • Photo Gallery Module
  • Custom “Book an Event” Form
  • Custom “Request Information” Form