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Mahone’s Tavern and Museum in Courtland, Virginia reached out to Insercorp for the redesign of their website They wanted an updated design to better display the exhibits and history of the well-known Tavern and Museum. Insercorp provided them with their original website design in 2014, so it was their hope that the Insercorp Team would execute a fresh and professional look for The new design includes updated interactive features and a responsive layout that makes the website smoother and easier to navigate through the various informational pages.

Website visitors can browse through the history of the Tavern from the story of William Mahone, to the history of the building that became what we now know as Mahone’s Tavern. The new allows visitors to take a look at the exhibits that are displayed at the Tavern on the “Exhibits” page that now includes a photo gallery of the exhibits. Website visitors can also find out how to participate at Mahone’s Tavern and Museum through the “Get Involved” page or visit the “Resources” page to find out how they can benefit through Mahone’s educational services.

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