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iPlasmaCMS2 v8.5.2 Patch Notes
iPlasmaCMS2 v8.5.2 Patch Notes
04/03/2020: Includes Mobile UX/UI Improvements and resolves an issue with editing Website Administrator User Groups in addition to updates to the Page Manager.

The Insercorp Development Team released an update to the CMS which includes User Experience / User Interface improvements for the Form Manager, a fix for Admin User Groups management, and updates to the Pages manager.

iPlasmaCMS2 version 8.5.2 

Mobile UX/UI Improvements

  • Form Manager:
    • The ‘Settings’ button (cog), used for setting the default “send from” address, appeared out of place.  It has been updated to appear in a more user friendly position.
    • In the list of Forms, Forms with longer subject titles were not truncating properly. This has been improved so that subjects with longer titles will now truncate properly.
  • The Exit Gate for .gov websites was displaying beyond the device’s viewport.  This has been updated so the Exit Gate properly responds to the device’s screen width.

Manage Users

  • Admin User Groups: Previously there was an issue where the “Edit User Group” popup did not open when Website Administrators attempted to edit Website Administrator User Groups. This has been fixed so that the “Edit User Group” popup opens properly.

Manage Pages

  • Add Page: There was previously an issue when selecting the “Save as Draft” option the Website Administrator was directed to a 404 page and the new page did not save as a draft. This has been resolved so that the Save as Draft option now works as intended.
  • SEO / Meta Tags: OG Titles have been improved for sharing pages, including their page titles and cover photos if no OG tags are set for individual pages.
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