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Third Party API Integration

We have integrated many different Third Party API's into our system. These API's provide many different services that allow websites to be expanded even further than before.

The following is a list of what we have already integrated into our system.

  • Google Analytics helps us provide the data needed to display the number of visits to your site and track this data across time, as well providing other information about visits and visitors to a site.
  • Youtube is integrated into our Video Module which allows videos to be shown within a site.
  • Payment Processing API's make it simpler to run an E-Commerce site.
  • Google Custom Search allows visitors to search a site for specific keywords.
  • Facebook Comments have been integrated into News Modules to allow visitors to add their input on the articles.
  • Constant Contact allows the creation of email newsletters.

If you have an API that you would like to have integrated into your site, talk to us. The iPlasmaCMS2 system is compatible with most API's.