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Events Module 3.0 Release Notes
Events Module 3.0 Release Notes
08/08/2018: Includes updated user interface and improved user experience.

The Insercorp Development Team has released a new version of the Events Module that includes a new user interface, new module features and a bug fix that corrects a problem with the event start-end dates when adding an event.

Events Module version 3.0

UI/UX Improvements

  • Updated user interface provides Website Administrators with a Categories tab rather than a slide down of Event categories.

Showing new Categories tab

  • In the Upcoming and Past Event tabs, events now automatically load while Website Administrators scroll through the lists instead of having to use ‘Pagination’ links to navigate to older entries.

  • Event filters in the new interface are now displayed as a popup section (By clicking on the filter icon displayed as  ).

Showing how filters work in the new Events Module

New Features

  • Website Administrators can now change the sort order of Event Categories by dragging and dropping Event Categories in the new “Categories” tab.

  • Website Administrators can now edit Event Category titles from the “Categories” tab by clicking on the Event Category’s title and then selecting “Save Changes” when the button appears at the bottom of the list of categories.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously if Website Administrators accidentally set an event to end before its scheduled start date/time the event did not display properly.  This has been fixed so that Website Administrators can no longer set an end date/time that falls before the start date/time when adding or editing an event.

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