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iPlasmaCMS2.8.3.4 Release Notes
iPlasmaCMS2.8.3.4 Release Notes
12/08/2017: Patch includes update for Photo Gallery images as well as a hotfix for .GOV Exit Gate Popups

The Insercorp Development Team has released a Critical Update including an upgrade of Swipebox which is a plugin used for displaying and navigating through pictures in the Gallery Module in addition to an update which affects all .GOV websites powered by iPlasmaCMS2.

iPlasmaCMS2.8.3.4 Features

Bug Fixes 

Swipebox for Photos

Issues affecting photos in the Gallery Module not displaying in the “Swipebox” popup window in some cases when the image’s thumbnail was clicked and the “Swipebox” popup displaying with a broken interface in other cases have been resolved.

  • Previously on some websites when a user clicked on an image thumbnail in the Photo Gallery the full size image would display in the browser window without the Swipebox, preventing users from continuing to navigate the website without using the browser’s ‘Back’ button or having to re-type the Website URL in the browser’s Address Bar.  This has been fixed so that the “Swipebox” properly triggers when a thumbnail is clicked.

  • Previously on some websites when the “Swipebox” is triggered the Left/Right Navigation Arrows and the “X” Close Button were not visible or accessible, forcing the user to use the ‘Back’ button in their browser or close the window. This has been fixed so that the “Swipebox” now displays properly on all websites.

.GOV Exit Gate Popup

An issue with the .GOV Exit Gate affecting Insercorp’s .GOV Clients was preventing external links from working by triggering a pop-up instead of the automatic redirect, resulting in the popup being blocked by some Google Chrome users.

  • The .GOV Exit Gate Popup has been fixed so that it properly redirects external links in the same window instead of redirecting in a popup window.

  • The popup dialog has been updated with new verbiage and a dynamic countdown to show the user how much time is left before they will be automatically redirected.

Virginia Resources Authority .GOV Exit Gate Popup

Example of the .GOV Exit Gate Popup as seen on

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