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iPlasmaCMS2.3 Upgrade Release Notes
iPlasmaCMS2.3 Upgrade Release Notes
12/13/2013: Learn all about the new interface and features!

We've been listening to feedback from our clients all year and we are pleased to release the all-new iPlasmaCMS2.3.  Our Development team has worked hard to bring you an all new User Interface along with highly anticipated new features!


  • New Interface design makes iPlasmaCMS2.3 the most user-friendly and intuitive version of iPlasmaCMS yet!
  • Buttons are now bigger and color-coded for easier website management.
  • New Toolbar design makes it easier to manage website content and navigate through modules.
  • Manage Images button has been added to the dashboard and the “My Site” drop down to provide users direct access to the What You See Is What You Get Editor’s image manager (PlasmaBrowser).
  • Re-Arranged Dashboard to display iPlasmaUpdates in a more visible location.
  • Upgraded and centralized the Zend Framework library for increased security, application performance, and stability.

Manage Users:


  • Updated User Manager interface, renamed to “Manage Users”

Manage Pages:


  • Updated Content Manager interface, renamed to “Manage Pages”



  • Updated DocsManager interface, renamed to “Manage Pages”
  • Added the ability to upload multiple documents at once

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed pagination for results list after applying a filter or search while viewing all documents.
  • Fixed pagination of Categories when viewing all categories.

Recycle Bin:


  • Updated the Recycle Bin interface
  • Added “Empty Recycle Bin” button to permanently delete all items in the bin at once.

Website Traffic:


  • Updated the Traffic Report interface, renamed to “Website Traffic”
  • Upgraded Google Analytics API
  • Added a “Printer Friendly Version” button
  • Moved the traffic graph above the tabs so it is always visible when tabbing through different sections of the Traffic Report
  • Updated the list of browsers and operating systems listed in the “Statistics” tab
  • Added “Locations” tab
  • Added “States” metric with visual map and top 10 States
  • Added “CIties” metric with visual map and top 10 Cities
  • Added “Countries” metric with visual map and top 10 Countries

Bug Fixes:

  • Added Visits and/or Views to all metrics that only showed either Visits or Views previously.
  • Removed Yahoo! Graphs (no longer supported) so that Flash is not required to view the graphs and charts.
  • Updated Date Picker colors in the Date Range filter so it is easier to distinguish Visits from Views
  • Fixed a bug that at the beginning of the month the graph would display an error or nothing at all
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