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WYSIWYG Hot Fix Spell Checker
WYSIWYG Hot Fix Spell Checker
12/19/2012: Update Includes Spell Checker Upgrades and Fixes

The Insercorp Product Development Team has updated the Spell Checker's functionality for the WYSIWYG.


New Features

  • The new spell checker now comes with eleven separate languages that it can correct grammar in.
  • The spell check function now has suggestions for misspelled words. It uses Google to power the suggested words and to look for the misspelled words.


Bug Fixes

  • The spell checker function now works in Microsoft Internet Explorer version seven and above.



spell checker


 All misspelled words will be underlined such as above.





The Spell Checker is now powered by google to make suggestions on misspelled words.





This feature of the WYSIWYG's new Spell Checker can test for misspelled words of eleven separate languages.

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