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Staff Manager 3.3.2 Hotfix
Staff Manager 3.3.2 Hotfix
12/20/2019: Update improves Security and the User Interface

The Insercorp Development Team has released a patch for the Staff Manager Module which corrects an error associated with invalid links, fixes an issue with filtering by category, and removes sample email addresses which were inadvertently triggering security vulnerability warnings.

Staff Manager Module version 3.3.2

SEO Improvements

  • Previously, when a Website Visitor or Search Crawler Bot accessed a page that no longer existed in the Staff Manager Module the Website displayed an Exception error.  This has been updated to redirect Website Visitors to the Staff Manager landing page instead of displaying an error message. 

Security Improvements

  • Previously when viewing a Profile, if a Website Visitor did not use a valid email address when submitting a Staff Contact Form, the Form Validator displayed an example email address which triggered Vulnerability Scans as a potential exposed email address. The example email address has been removed from the Form Validator to prevent inadvertently triggering as a violation in Vulnerability Scanners. 

Bug Fixes

  • Previously there was an issue in the Staff Manager Module Control Panel when filtering the Staff list by category. The Category filter did not properly apply for all categories, displaying incorrect results. This has been updated so that the list of profiles will now properly reflect the selected categories and departments.

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