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Slideshow 4.0 Release Notes
Slideshow 4.0 Release Notes
2/1/2017: Updates to the Slideshow Module and New Features

The newly upgraded Slideshow Module is increasingly user-friendly with new features including the ability for Website Administrators to embed videos into a slide or set them as a background.

Slideshow 4.0 Release Notes

New Features

  1. Website Administrators can now embed videos into a slideshow. To do so the User can toggle the ‘Slide type’ option from ‘Image’ to ‘Video’. The User can then insert the video link below. There is also options that allow the User to adjust video settings for the slide. The current supported video players are :
    1. YouTube
    2. Vimeo
    3. Daily MotionNew Slideshow Features include: Video slide options & redesigned layout
  2. Website Administrators can now add a background image or video to a slide as well as change the background transition property.
  3. Website Administrators now have an option to set the Slide Duration for each individual slide in a slideshow. If the fields are left blank the Slide Duration will be set from the Slideshow Properties.New Slideshow Features include: Adding a Video Background & setting the Slide Duration


  1. Now while editing slides the Website Administrator can easily switch between any of their Slideshows using the dropdown menu located in the upper right corner.
  2. New Action Button: From the Edit Slides interface Website Administrators can move, copy or delete individual slides using the new Action Button options by clicking the arrow next to the “Edit” button.New Slideshow Improvements include: Quick switch menu & Slide action buttons
  3. The date a slideshow was last edited and the number of slides in the slideshow are now displayed in two columns located in the Slideshows list.
  4. From the Slideshow module Website Administrators can now view the slides for each individual slideshow using the ‘View Slides’ button.New Slideshow Improvements include: Last modified date/time & Slide counter
  5. Website Administrators can now Schedule individual slides and adjust multiple settings to determine when a slide will display:
    1. Start Date and Time
    2. End Date and Time
    3. Only show during selected days of the week
    4. Only show during the selected time range
      Detailed view of Schedule interface
  6. Website Administrators now have 3 properties they can adjust from the ‘Customize Caption’ tab when creating/editing a slide:
    1. Text Color
    2. Link Color
    3. Link Hover color

These options are for customizing individual slides and if left blank the Default Caption properties will be used.Customize Caption new options

Bug Fixes

  • Previously video slides were transitioning to the next slide while the video is playing; this has been fixed so that slides do not transition until videos are done playing.
  • Previously after selecting the ‘External Link’ option when editing a slide the link wasn't correctly opening in a new window. This has been fixed so that when the ‘External Link’ option is selected the link opens in a new window.
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