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iPlasmaCMS2.8.4.17 Patch Notes
iPlasmaCMS2.8.4.17 Patch Notes
1/8/2019: This update fixes the PlasmaDrive and improves Website Meta Tags.

This patch includes a hotfix which corrects an issue in the PlasmaDrive caused by the previously released iPlasmaCMS2.8.4.17 Security Hotfix which prevented files from being uploaded to the PlasmaDrive.  The hotfix also fixes an issue which prevented the “Replace Document” pop-up in the PlasmaDrive from displaying properly.

This patch also includes updates to the Website Meta Data tags, including removal of the obsolete Meta Keywords tag, inclusion of the Meta Robots tag, and updates to the Meta Description field in iPlasmaCMS2 Settings.

iPlasmaCMS2 version 8.4.17

Bug Fixes

PlasmaDrive Updates

  • When Website Administrators attempted to upload files to the PlasmaDrive the files did not upload and there was no warning indicating the files did not upload.  This has been fixed so that files should now upload properly to the PlasmaDrive.
  • When Website Administrators attempted to replace a file that already existed the “Upload File to Replace” modal (pop-up) was accidentally repositioning itself slightly off-screen, preventing interaction with the modal.  This has been fixed so that the modal now positions itself properly when it pops up.

SEO Improvements

Website Updates

  • Deprecated ‘Meta Keywords’ has been removed from Website templates.

CMS Settings

  • Default Website ‘Meta Keywords’ field has been removed from the “Settings” interface.
  • Default Website ‘Meta Description’ field now has a limit of 160 characters to reflect SEO Best Practices.
  • Added Default ‘Meta Robots’ tags relative to Page settings:
    • Sitemap Enabled = index
    • Sitemap Disabled = noindex
    • Sub-Navigation Enabled = follow
    • Sub-Navigation Disabled = nofollow
    • Maintenance Mode = noarchive
    • Password-protected pages = noindex, nofollow