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iPlasmaCMS2.8.4.18 Patch Notes
iPlasmaCMS2.8.4.18 Patch Notes
01/10/2019: This update includes a fix for embedded YouTube videos and various other improvements.

The Insercorp Development team has released an update to iPlasmaCMS2 which includes important updates to the function that displays embedded YouTube videos as well as updates to printer-friendly page views and a patch for the PlasmaDrive.

iPlasmaCMS2 version 8.4.18

WYSIWYG ‘Insert Embed Code’ Plugin Hotfix

  • Previously when using the iPlasmaCMS2 WYSIWYG Editor’s “Insert Embed Code” plugin to embed YouTube videos by pasting code generated from YouTube’s new Embed Code generator did not display as responsive videos and instead displayed at fixed heights and widths set by the YouTube Embed Code generator.  This has been fixed so that videos embedded from YouTube which are inserted using the “Insert Embed Code” button in the WYSIWYG toolbar or manually inserting the code into the WYSIWYG’s HTML Editor will display at 100% width of the available container when inserted.
    • Currently, it is a known issue that the “Full Screen” option in the embedded YouTube player is disabled.  The Insercorp Development Team is working on an update to allow the full screen mode.
    • Currently, it is a known issue that the “Embed Code” box in the WYSIWYG does not update its dimensions to reflect the actual size that will be displayed on the Live Website.  The Insercorp Development Team is working on an update to resolve this.
  • Previously, attempting to change the dimensions in the “Insert Embed Code” popup by selecting the “Embedded Code” box and clicking the “Insert Embed Code” button to edit the code would result in the video player size being reduced to 320 pixels in width.  This has been fixed so that changes to the dimensions will not be reset to the lower dimension when clicking on “Update”.

Print Page Improvements

  • Updated the printer-friendly page views to include a responsive viewport tag which improves scaling for users on devices with smaller screen sizes when using the “Print” button on any content page.  

PlasmaDrive version 3.1.1

UI/UX Improvements

  • Updated the styles of the ‘Category Select’ dropdowns in the ‘Edit Document’ and ‘Move Document’ popups.
  • Added ‘Add Category’ buttons to the ‘Edit Document’ and ‘Move Document’ popups

Bug Fix

  • Previously Website Administrators were able to un-assign a file in the PlasmaDrive from a category without assigning it to a new category which removed the file from showing in the PlasmaDrive which created a conflict if a Website Administrator attempted to upload a file with the same filename.  This has been fixed so that files in the PlasmaDrive cannot be removed from a category without being assigned to a new category.