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Changes to Google's Privacy Policy
Changes to Google's Privacy Policy
This Notice Effects All Clients using Google Applications

This is a message from Google to all of our clients using Google Applications:

We're getting rid of over 60 different privacy policies across Google and replacing them with one that's a lot shorter and easier to read. Our new policy covers multiple products and features, reflecting our desire to create one beautifully simple and intuitive experience for your users across Google products.

As always, Google will maintain your data in strict compliance with the confidentiality and security obligations provided to your domain.

If you permit your users to access optional additional Google services for your domain, your users may separately receive notifications communicating the new Privacy Policy. You can visit your Google Apps control panel at any time if you'd like to review the additional services accessible to your users.

We're excited about the improvements we are making across our products and appreciate your support. You can view the new privacy policy at These changes will take effect on March 1, 2012.


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