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PlasmaAds Released!
PlasmaAds Released!
07/09/2014: New Features and Bug Fixes

The development team here at Insercorp is proud to present the Plasma Ads Module! This new modules replaces the Advanced Ads Manager Module. The new Plasma Ads module introduces many new features to provide website administrators with more control over monetizing website content.

Plasma Ads Module

New Features

  • Campaigns
    • Website administrators can now add, edit, and remove campaigns
    • Ads can be added to Campaigns
    • Campaigns can be added to Advertisers
    • Ads that are in a Campaign display in a different location on the advertiser report
  • An Assign To function has been added so that you can directly assign Ads to Advertisers and/or Campaigns

Bug Fixes

  • Previously when attempting to preview an ad in the “View All Ads” section, the preview would not appear. The bug has been fixed so that the preview is now visible.
  • Previously when attempting to use the “check all” toggle to select all of the visible ads, it would not select the ads. This bug has been fixed so that you can now select all of the visible ads with the “Check all” toggle. **Internet Explorer Only Bug**
  • Previously when attempting to sort the ad block on the dashboard by title, the advertisers would be sorted and the ads returned to default. This bug has been fixed so that you can sort the ad block by title.

Assign Ads

Assigning ads to advertisers and campaigns is easy with the new "Assign To" feature.

Add Campaign

Managing Ads is easier than ever with our new "Campaigns" section.

Campaign Reports

Ads in a campaign will be viewed in a different location in the reports



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