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Property Manager 2.1 Patch Notes
Property Manager 2.1 Patch Notes
07/10/2018: Module update includes new “Sale Pending” status and bug fix in Image Uploader

The Insercorp Development Team has released a new feature for the Property Manager that provides Website Administrators with the ability to apply a “Sale Pending” status for properties in addition to a fix for a bug which occurred when uploading property images.

Property Manager version 2.1

New Features

  • Previously, the only status options in place for properties were “Available”, “Hidden”, and “Sold”. There is now a new “Sale Pending” status within the Property Manager that allows Website Administrators to mark properties with an orange “Sale Pending” badge.

Bug Fix

  • There was previously an error that occurred when a Website Administrator would try to upload additional images to a property. If the “Add Image” popup was accessed multiple times, the Image Uploader would not trigger properly. This has been fixed to allow for multiple images to be uploaded without error.

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