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iPlasma 2.1 Updates (Q2 2010)
iPlasma 2.1 Updates (Q2 2010)
  • Updated CSS Editor
    The new CSS editor allows you to directly input and edit CSS instead of going through the form.
  • Upgraded Password Security
    We've upgraded our password security to use a more advanced hashing algorithm as well as updated the password to include a salt making traditional dictionary and brute force attacks far more difficult.
  • Content Upgrades
    • Cleaned Up Content Manager
      We updated the content manager to clean up the interface as well as to make accidental deletions more difficult.

    • Ability to Embed Blocks in Content
      We have also updated our content manager to allow for users to embed blocks and modules directly inside of content pages. If you are interested in using this feature please check the documentation available through your CMS or at
  • CMS More Modular
    We have completely separated the core CMS from and modules and created an installer that allows for a basic package to be uploaded that will install any new modules needed for a website.
  • Upgraded WYSIWYG to Include Documents
    We have cleaned up the interface for the WYSIWYG editor and added a document tab to the links popup to allow users to directly link to any uploaded documents without having to manually type the URL.
  • Streamlined the Backend Interface a Bit - Removed Unnecessary Links
    We worked to streamline the backend interface and simplify the process of updating and configuring your website.
  • Added Documentation
    We are in the process of adding documentation for the core CMS as well as some of the modules. There is now a link in the help menu linking directly to this new documentation.
  • Upgraded Slideshow
    We have updated our slideshow module to include new effects and transitions. This feature will not be enabled for older websites unless specifically requested.
  • New, More Standards Compliant Dropdown
  • We have also updated our drop down menu system to be more standards compliant as well as to increase compatibility with with a wider group of users. Once again, this feature will only be enabled as requested.
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