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Slideshow 4.1 Release Notes
Slideshow 4.1 Release Notes
03/20/2017: Includes Layout Modifications, Updates, Bug Fixes, and a New Feature

The Insercorp Development Team has deployed updates, bug fixes, and a new feature to the newly upgraded Slideshow Module, improving user-friendliness and functionality.

Slideshow 4.1 Release Notes

New Features

  • Added the ability to adjust the size/position of the slide on an individual slide basis.


 Slideshow 4.1 - Updates Slideshow 4.1 - Updates

  1. Updated The Slideshow form to have Icon’s next to the main labels.
  2. Rearranged portions of the form
  3. Added the ability to use Drag and Drop to position the slide captions.
  4. Dragging and dropping to position your slides will auto update the order.
  5. Updated the Slide+Slideshow previews to better represent how they will display on the front end.
  6. You can now toggle the caption off without removing the content
  7. Re-arranged Schedule dropdown
  8. Added ‘Scheduled’ labels to the slide list and thumbnail views
  9. Added a clock icon before the title of scheduled slides
  10. Moved Slideshow Preview to go below the slideshow title
  11. Combined The following buttons into one Action button
    1. Delete Slide(s)
    2. Move Slide(s)
    3. Copy Slide(s)
  12. Slides are now being sent to the Recycle Bin when deleted instead of being completely removed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where when the first slide was a video it wouldn’t always play through before advancing the slideshow.
  • Fixed a bug where the slideshow preview would not resize properly
  • Fixed a bug where the slide preview was not resizing properly, and would not inherit the sizes from the slideshow.
  • Fixed a bug in the Add/Edit Slide view where the ‘Caption Border’ styles were showing when they were deselected
  • Fixed a bug where centered arrows were not always centering themselves properly
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