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Property Manager 2.1.1 Patch Notes
Property Manager 2.1.1 Patch Notes
04/03/2020: Includes User Interface Updates and Fixes an Issue with Uploading Images

The Insercorp Development Team has released an update to the Venues Module which streamlines the Google Maps API calls, improves the Admin User Interface, and fixes a bug with the image uploader.

Property Manager version 2.1.1

API Updates

  • Replaced Google Maps JavaScript API with Google Maps Embed API for improved API calls to Google Maps Platform.

User Interface Improvements

  • The Image Crop Tool has been added to the Add/Edit Property interface for adding or replacing the Property Image.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously if an image was uploaded that had the same file name as another image (even in a different property) the older image was overwritten without a warning.  This has been fixed so that images with filenames that already exist will no longer overwrite the older image(s) with the same filename.

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