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Locations Module 1.3.1 Update Notes
Locations Module 1.3.1 Update Notes
05/07/2019: Includes improvements for uploading Location Thumbnail and Cover photos

The Insercorp Development Team has released an update to the Location Module which improves the Location Thumbnail image popup and Location Cover photo.

Locations Module version 1.3.1

UI/UX Improvements

  • Previously, in the “Location Thumbnail” image popup if no image was selected there was no option to upload a new image.  The popup has now been updated to show a “Select Image” button when there is no current thumbnail image for that Location.

  • Previously, if the “Location Cover” photo was not selected it was not clear where to add the image. This has been updated so that the “Add Cover Photo” button will be visible if there is no Cover photo already selected for that Location.

Bug Fix

  • Previously, if there was no “Location Cover Photo” set when editing the Location “Thumbnail Image” the thumbnail image would not show in the popup. This has been resolved so the image now shows even if there is no cover photo.

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