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PlasmaDrive 3.1 Patch Release Notes
PlasmaDrive 3.1 Patch Release Notes
05/21/2018: Includes New Features, Improvements, and a Bug Fix

The Insercorp Development Team has added a New Feature, Improvements, and fixes a bug within the Share Document(s) popup.

PlasmaDrive 3.1 Patch

New Features

  • Website Administrators now have the ability to add new Categories while uploading a file(s) from the “Upload File(s)” popup by clicking on “Add Category”:

Upload Files Popup

UI/UX Improvements

  • Previously, in the ‘Add/Edit Category’ slidedown interface the Categories were displayed with the oldest first.  This has been improved so that Categories are now displayed alphabetically by default.

  • The ‘Parent Category’ Dropdown will now only show top level Categories when the Categories slidedown interface is activated and will show an additional dropdown for sub categories in that parent should they be available.

Bug Fixes

  • There previously was a bug if the side menu was open the ‘Share Document(s)’ popup would push itself off screen rendering the ‘Cancel’ and ‘Close’ buttons inaccessible. This has been fixed so that the ‘Share Document(s)’ popup no longer pushes itself off of the screen when the side menu is open.

Share Document(s) Popup

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