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Website Traffic Module 3.0.1 Patch Notes
Website Traffic Module 3.0.1 Patch Notes
11/02/2017: Includes bug fixes in the Website Traffic Module

The Insercorp Development Team has released a patch that fixes various bugs found within the Website Traffic Module.

Bug Fixes

  • In the Website Traffic Module: After selecting a quick report and navigating to another tab, the information would not display until a website administrator selected a different “Quick Report” and went back to the one they were looking at. This has been fixed so that the “Quick Report” filter will be properly applied to all of the tabs within the Traffic Module.
    Website Traffic Module - Quick Reports

  • There was a bug that occurred when selecting different “Quick Reports” or date ranges that caused percentages within the tables to not update properly. This bug has been fixed so that they are now properly representing the percentages of the sessions and views that they are representing.
    Website Traffic Module - Sessions Percentages

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