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iPlasmaCMS2.8.4.13 Hotfix Notes
iPlasmaCMS2.8.4.13 Hotfix Notes
11/07/2018: Includes Security and Performance Improvements for iPlasmaCMS2

The Insercorp Development Team has released a hotfix to iPlasmaCMS2 that improves the security and performance of your Website.

iPlasmaCMS2 version 8.4.13


Insert/Edit Link (WYSIWYG Editor)

  • Added a “No Referrer” option to the “Relationship Page to Target” dropdown of the advanced tab when Inserting a link.  
    Insert/Edit Link (WYSIWYG Editor) - No Referrer

  • When the link is set to “Open in a New Window”, it will now automatically set the “Relationship Page to Target” dropdown to “No Referrer”.
    Insert/Edit Link (WYSIWYG Editor) - Open in a New Window - No Referrer


  • The “AddThis” Widget for Social Sharing was periodically experiencing load delays resulting in lagging of page or module content.  This has been resolved so that page or module content should now load properly without interference from the “AddThis” widget.

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