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Events Module 3.1 Update Notes
Events Module 3.1 Update Notes
11/12/2018: Fixes issues and released new features in the Events Calendar

The new version of the Events Module includes several improvements and bug fixes for both the Website Calendar that Website Visitors use and the Control Panel Calendar that Website Administrators use to manage the Calendar.  

Events Module version 3.1

Website Updates

UX/UI Improvements

  • When users click on an event in the Calendar there is now a ‘veil’ between the event summary popup and the calendar, allowing the user’s attention to focus on the event details popup.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously if an address of an event was not set, the Event Calendar popup displayed the location as ‘, , , ’ This has been fixed so if an address is not set the popup will not show a location.

  • Previously ‘All Day’ Events that spanned more than one day were only showing on the first day in the Calendar.  This has been fixed so that ‘All Day’ Events which span multiple days now display properly in the Calendar.

  • Previously if an Event was set to ‘Repeat’ with the frequency set to ‘Daily’ the Event added an extra Event after the End Date set by the Website Administrator. This has been fixed so the last Event in the ‘Repeat’ series is created on the date set in the ‘End Date’ by the Website Administrator..

Control Panel Updates

New Features

  • The Events Module dashboard now has a category select dropdown to allow Website Administrators to filter the events by category in the calendar management interface.

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