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Events Module 2.0.7 Release Notes
Events Module 2.0.7 Release Notes
11/20/2014: Includes fixes for 'All Day' events and handicap accessibility.

The Insercorp Development team has released an update to the Events Module.

Events Module 2.0.7

New Features

  • Calendar and Event Pop-ups now include ‘Title’ and ‘Description’ tags for Handicap Accessibility.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously when Adding or Editing an event, the ‘State’ field in the ‘Event Location’ was not limited to two characters, allowing extra characters which resulted in the location not being properly displayed.  This has been fixed by limiting the ‘State’ field to two characters.  

  • Before this update the Events Module would display start/end date and times even when ‘All Day’ was selected. When adding an all day event, the Events Module no longer shows start/end date and times.
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