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Overhaul for iPlasmaCMS2 Document Manager
Overhaul for iPlasmaCMS2 Document Manager
11/21/2012: Documents Manager Module Upgraded for all iPlasmaCMS2 Customers

The Insercorp development team continues to improve iPlasmaCMS to meet your organization's needs. Today we have completed delivery of our new iPlasmaCMS DocManager V2. Not only is the new DocManager easier to use, it’s a more powerful tool!


  • Existing documents captured and integrated with the upgraded manager.
  • Upload
    • Uploading documents has been improved and is more secure.
  • Share
    • Through an email interface.
    • Share direct links.
    • Continue to directly link with our WYSIWYG integration.
  • Categorize
    • Documents can be added and sorted with custom Categories.
    • Categories associates documents with a common purpose.
  • Search
    • Search for documents by name.
  • Filter
    • Filter documents by category or alphabetically.
    • Pagination of lists of documents for easier navigation.

Category listing

With the new and improved DocManager v2 for iPlasmaCMS saving, searching and sending documents is made easy. With the use of categories, files are easier to find and share with your co-workers or friends.

Filter Documents

The new filtering system provides easy access when searching for documents among a large directory with multiple categories and documents.

Category Drop Down

DocManager v2 provides a drop down of all the currently available categories for users to choose from and define their documents under.

Files for category

Using the category list on the right side users can navigate to files associated by a common purpose by clicking the title of the category. All associated files under that category are shown and able to be sent, moved to another category, or deleted.

Share Document Popup

Share files and images with co-workers or anyone from the DocManger v2 interface. With our new layout sharing a file is as easy as selecting the file(s), clicking share, and then clicking send. DocManager v2 supports multiple files to be shared in the same email for less hassle and time saving.

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