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iPlasmaCMS 2.8.3 Patch Notes
iPlasmaCMS 2.8.3 Patch Notes
11/27/2017: Improved Website Load Times, WYSIWYG Fixes, and Traffic Module Fixes

The Insercorp Development Team has released version 2.8.3 of iPlasmaCMS2.  The patch includes a new bundling plugin for website layouts to reduce load times as well as other UX/UI improvements and bug fixes to the WYSIWYG and Website Traffic Module.

iPlasmaCMS2.8.3 Release Notes


  • The Insercorp Development Team has installed a bundle plugin for all websites which consolidates the JavaScript and CSS files to improve website load times.

  • Improved how CMS Notifications display in mobile sizes.

  • Updated the Control Panel title to no longer include “www.”

Bug Fixes

  • Previously after inserting an image within the WYSIWYG Editor, Website Administrators could not left click on the image to select it. This has been fixed so that the images are now being properly selected with a left click.

  • There was previously a bug that prevented images from being properly linked in Chrome v58 and up when certain conditions were being met. This bug has been fixed so that Website Administrators can now properly Insert/Edit the links for images.

  • Previously there was a bug in the Traffic Module where the flags for certain countries were not displaying properly. This has been resolved so that countries with missing flags now display flags properly.

  • There was a bug where the button for ‘Modules’ in the CMS Menu wasn’t lined up properly with other Menu buttons. This has been resolved so ‘Modules’ is now in-line with other Menu buttons.

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