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Slideshow 4.1.7 Patch Notes
Slideshow 4.1.7 Patch Notes
11/22/2017: Includes UX Improvements and Bug Fixes for the Slideshow Module

The Insercorp Development Team has released a patch that improves the functionality of the Slideshow by decreasing load times for websites utilizing the module.

UX Improvements

  • We have adjusted how the slides load in, forcing them to load one at a time in order to reduce bottlenecking. This has decreased the total load time for the slides, decreasing overall website load time.

Bug Fixes

  • The slideshow previously would not wait until all of the slides were loaded before starting its animations. We have changed this so that all of the slides will be loaded before the slideshow begins its animations.

  • There was a bug where the slides would appear jumpy when the browser window is resized. We have fixed this so that the images resize smoother, allowing them to better maintain their aspect ratios.

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