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Staff Manager Module 3.3 Update Notes
Staff Manager Module 3.3 Update Notes
11/25/2019: Updates include SEO and UI/UX Improvements in addition to Bug Fixes

The Insercorp Development Team has released an update which includes improvements forSearch Engine Optimization and the User Interface as well as bug fixes for the Website URL field in Staff Profiles when the website address included a secure ‘https’ protocol.

Staff Manager Module version 3.3

UI/UX Updates

  • Added functionality to relate Staff Categories to Content Pages.
  • Updated URLs to be Search Engine Friendly, which will help improve the search engine optimization of the website.
  • Removed the Category Column from the “Staff” tab in the module interface to improve usability.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously if Website Visitors tried to access an invalid URL in the Staff Module they were taken to an error message. This has been fixed so that if a Website Visitor tries to access an invalid URL they will be redirected to the Staff Landing page.
  • Previously when a Staff profile’s Website button included a secure 'https' protocol the the link became broken. This has been resolved so that the module properly detects whether or not 'http://'' or 'https://' was previously included before attempting to include it.
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