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iPlasmaCMS2.8.4.9 Security Patch Notes
iPlasmaCMS2.8.4.9 Security Patch Notes
10/03/2018: Includes Security Updates for Social Media Links and JavaScript Libraries

The Insercorp Development Team has released an update to iPlasmaCMS2 which improves security within Social Media buttons (managed from the CMS Settings) by setting a Link Relation to better define the relationship between the source of the link and its destination.  The security patch also includes an update to the Boostrap JavaScript library which is used for detecting screen sizes and applying responsive styles to websites when accessed by different types of devices.

iPlasmaCMS2 version 8.4.9

Security Updates

  • In the Social Media block, the links to the social media pages (such as Facebook, and Google+) now have a defined Link Relation in order to improve the security of the Social Media buttons managed from CMS Settings to prevent spoofing.

  • Bootstrap.js has been updated to mitigate against potential security vulnerabilities.

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