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Slideshow Module 4.2 Release Notes
Slideshow Module 4.2 Release Notes
09/12/2018: Includes improvements for slide caption positioning and a bug fix.

The Insercorp Development Team has released user improvements to make slide caption positioning easier/more accurate as well as correcting a bug found when deleting slides from the Slideshow Module.

Slideshow Module version 4.2

UI/UX Improvements

  • When editing a slide caption position (under the “Customize Caption” section), Website Administrators now have the option to select the caption position by clicking on one of the displayed positions beneath the “Position” dropdown.

  • When a Website Administrator is using the Drag and Drop option to move a slide caption position from the Slide/Slideshow Preview section, the dotted guidelines surrounding the drop zones for the caption positions have been changed to red for better visibility.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously, when Website Administrators would attempt to delete a slide from the Slideshow, the slide title would not display in the confirmation popup. This has been fixed so that the confirmation popup now properly displays the slides’ names.

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