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iPlasmaCMS2.5 Release Notes
iPlasmaCMS2.5 Release Notes
10/25/2016: New User Management Interfaces, Improved Password Security, and Access Controls for Private Pages

The Insercorp Development Team has deployed the new iPlasmaCMS2 - Version 2.5 update, making it easier to keep users updated and organized.

iPlasmaCMS Version 2.5


Manage Administrative Users

  • Updated Manage Users interface with new styles
    • Added a column to show Admin User Display Names
    • Added a column to show Admin User Group membership
  • Added ability for Website Administrators to select multiple Users
    • Added multi-user Delete
    • Added multi-user Group Assignment

Add New Administrative User

  • Add/Edit Administrative Users:
    • Updated the Add/Edit User Forms
      • Added Display Name
      • Added Password Strength checker
      • Added Confirm Password field
      • Added Form Validation to check for Username conflicts
      • Admin users now toggle whether or not a user can edit/delete other users.
  • Admin Users can no longer accidentally delete their own account

Add New Group

  • Administrative User Groups:
    • Updated the Add/Edit User Group interface

Add New Website User

  • Website Users:
    • Website Administrators can now delete multiple Website Users at once
    • Website Administrators can now assign multiple users to a User Group at once
  • NEW Website User Groups:
    • Website Users now have their own groups which can be used to restrict which password protected pages website users can access
  • Content Manager:
    • Password protected Content pages can now be restricted to a specific Website User Group using the new ‘Website User Groups’ dropdown

Private Content Pages

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