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iPlasmaCMS2.8.2 Patch Notes
iPlasmaCMS2.8.2 Patch Notes
10/27/2017 Includes bug fixes and new features within manage pages and modules

The Insercorp Development team has released an update to the iPlasmaCMS that includes bug fixes to the “Manage Pages” and a new feature for the Modules.

New Features

  • Modules that have notifications that show up on your dashboard will now put a notification number next to their link in the CMS.

Bug Fixes

  • In the “Insert/Edit” Link popup, pages were not properly reflecting their sorting. This has been fixed so that the sorting of the pages in the popup now reflects the pages in the CMS.

  • “Subpages” looked to be the same tier as their parents when expanded in the page manager. This has been fixed so that the title of the child pages are now indented further than their parent.

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