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iPlasmaCMS2.2 Upgrade
iPlasmaCMS2.2 Upgrade
10/29/2013: CMS Update Includes Touch-Friendly Websites, New Dashboard Interface and Technical Upgrades

The Insercorp Development team has been working hard to deploy a major update to the CMS.

The major portion of this upgrade has been dedicated to the inclusion of “touch functionality” for “touch friendly” websites using iPlasmaCMS.  Additionally, interface improvements include the iPlasmaCMS Toolbar staying fixed in place for easier content mangagement and control panel navigation. Part of the upgrade included an upgrade to jQuery 1.10.2 which enabled our development team to also update jQuery Full Calendar, a patch that was required to complete the Events Module upgrade which is currently in progress.


  • Touch-Friendly Navigation: Websites are now compatible with tablets, mobile devices, etc. by allowing navigation menus to be touched once to display the drop-down menus and touched a second time to open the link for the top-level menu item.
  • CMS Interface Improvements:
    • Toolbar stays locked in position during navigation of the CMS
    • New styles have been implemented in the CMS Dashboard interface
    • Direct Link at bottom of page to view End User Agreement at any time.

Patches / Bug Fixes

  • jQuery Library updated from 1.3.2 to 1.10.2
  • jQuery Full Calendar updated from 1.4.5 to 1.6.4


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