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iPlasmaCMS2.8.4.7 Facebook Pixel Update
iPlasmaCMS2.8.4.7 Facebook Pixel Update
09/02/2018: Easily Add Your Facebook Pixel ID to your iPlasmaCMS2 Website!

The Insercorp Development Team has added a new feature where Website Administrators can now add their Facebook Pixel ID to their websites.

iPlasmaCMS2 version 8.4.7

New Features

  • Website Administrators can now add their Facebook Pixel Tracking code to their website by adding in the Pixel ID in the “Settings” module of the iPlasmaCMS2 Control Panel. Facebook Pixel ID is required for Facebook Ads to track how effective the ads are at directing users to your website.

  • To Update your Facebook Pixel ID, follow these instructions:

  1. Login to your CMS

  2. Select “Settings” in the Main Menu

  3. Select the “APIs” tab

  4. Scroll down to “Facebook Pixel ID”

  5. Input your Facebook Pixel ID as provided by Facebook

  6. Select “Save Settings” and start tracking your Facebook traffic more accurately!

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