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1.2.09 Insert Embed Code

This button allows you to add “Embed” code to your website such as YouTube videos, Google Maps, Picasa albums, and other third-party widgets on your page.

  1. Embedding Code
  2. Finding Embed Code


Embedding Code 

1a. Select the icon shown below.

Insert Embed


Then the following window will appear.

Insert Code Screen

1b. Simply copy the embed code from the site that you’re getting it from, then paste it into the box and click “Insert.”

When you embed code in a site, it looks like this.

Embeded Code

The yellow box is your content. You can use the formatting portion of the WYSIWYG to change the positioning of the content. See this tutorial for instructions on how to change positioning.

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 How to Get Embed Code 

Embed code can be found in many different places on many different sites. One of the most popular options for adding content to a website is adding a YouTube video. This Google tutorial shows you how to find the embed code for YouTube. 

***NOTE*** Make sure that the video is not too large for your site! Check the height and width settings to make sure that your video(or other content) is the right size.

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