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4.1 Manage Users

This section allows users and admins to monitor who has access to the CMS of the site. This is accessed by clicking on the tab shown below.

Users Tab


  1. Adding New Users
  2. Managing and Editing Users
  3. Adding and Managing Groups


Adding New Users 

1a. Click on the “Create New Admin User” button within the “Manage Users” section.

Add User

When you do so, this screen appears.

Adding a User


2b. Enter a username, password, email address, and group for the new user. All fields are required.

For more information on how to add and manage groups, see Adding/Managing Groups.

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Managing and Deleting Users 

To edit a user, click on the pencil next to their name on the list.

A screen will pop up that looks identical to the Adding New Users screen. This can be used to edit password, email, and username.

Edit Users

To delete the user, simply click the red “x” next to their name.

Delete Users

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Adding and Managing Groups 

To see the group manager, click on the “Manage Groups” button.

Group Manager

The following window will appear.


When you add a group, simply click on the “Add Group” button, fill in a title, and click submit.

Add Button

Add Group

To delete a group, simply click the red x by its name.

Delete Group


To manage a group, click the pencil by its name.

Manage Group


It leads you to a window identical to the one you added the group with. From here, you can edit the name of the group.

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