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4.6 Website Traffic

To access this section, go to the tab for “Website Traffic” as seen below.


The screen below will appear.

Website Traffic


  1. Filtering Website Statistics
  2. Printing the Statistics
  3. Understanding these Statistics 

Filtering Website Statistics 

There are several ways to filter the website’s statistics. Using the dropdown menu shown below, you can search by domain, first.

Domain Filtering

***NOTE*** You can only filter by domain if you have more than one domain name in use on the CMS.

Another way that you can filter is by date using another drop down menu.

Filter By Date


You can also filter by date range.

Date Range

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Printing the Statistics 

You can use the “Print Friendly Version” button to print your statistics.

Print Friendly


Doing this brings up a print friendly page that you can use your browser's menu to print out.

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Understanding These Statistics 

There are several different sections here to look at. The dashboard is where you can access basic data for site visitors. Sources shows how your visitors get to your site. Statistics tells you what browsers have accessed your site and what Operating System they have (this includes mobile visits). Top pages tells you what the most well visited pages are. Locations tells you where people are visiting from. This includes both country and state.

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